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Version: V1

Create a New Metamask Wallet

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Install the MetaMask browser extension.

Step 3: Click ‘Get Started’.

Step 4: Click ‘Create a Wallet’ if this is your first time using Metamask. You can also import another wallet using your seed phrase.


Step 5: Create your password


Step 6: Write down your 12-word secret backup phrase (private key) generated and store it securely. Never show anyone this as it grants access to your funds.


Step 7: That’s it! Your new crypto wallet has been created. If you already own some crypto, you can transfer them to your wallet address (on the correct chain). Just copy your wallet address or use the QR code and you can send it there.


Step 8: If your token is not displayed in your Metamask wallet, you can search for it on and click the Add to Metamask icon.

For example for the KNC token:



Step 9: Alternatively, if you have the full details of the token (token contract address, token symbol, token decimal), you can directly add it to your Metamask wallet. Click ‘Import Tokens’ and select the Custom Token tab, before filling in the token details. Click "Add Custom Token," and you should now see your token.