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Version: V1

Yield Farming

Rainmaker is KyberSwap’s liquidity mining/yield farming program. Rainmaker allows users to earn bonus incentives simply by adding token liquidity and staking the corresponding liquidity provider tokens (LP tokens) into the eligible farms.

Rainmaker helps boost liquidity, provide important benefits to liquidity providers, as well as bring more DeFi participants and value into Kyber and various other ecosystems.

Step 1: Find the current yield farms. You can view all the yield farms under the ‘Farm’ tab and click ‘Get -token pair- LP’.


Alternatively, under the ‘Pools’ tab, after you select the token pair, you can view all the eligible pools marked for yield farming. (they have a raindrop 💧 symbol).

Farm with Raindrop

Step 2: Add liquidity to the eligible pool that is marked for yield farming.

To earn rewards from the farm, you will need Liquidity Provider Tokens (LP tokens). Farms can only accept their own specific LP Token; for example, the ETH-KNC Farm will only accept ETH-KNC LP Tokens from the eligible pool.

To get the exact LP Tokens you need, provide liquidity for that eligible liquidity pool. For example, to get the correct ETH-KNC LP Tokens, you'll first have to provide liquidity for the eligible ETH-KNC pool. Again, eligible pools have the raindrop 💧 symbol under the ‘Pools’ tab.


Once you have added liquidity to the eligible pool, you will receive Liquidity Provider Tokens (LP tokens) that are receipt tokens that represent your liquidity position.

Step 3: Under the ‘Farm’ tab, select and approve the corresponding yield farm. Once approved, stake your LP tokens (that you received after adding liquidity) on the farm. You will start receiving yield farming rewards that you can harvest whenever you want.

Stake LP Tokens

Watch this example video to view the entire process:

Step 4: Harvesting and Claiming Rewards

The amount of rewards you get is dependent on the number of LP tokens staked in the farm, as well as the length of time in which you have the tokens in the farm.


Harvest your rewards whenever you want. But yield earned may have a vesting period after each harvest, with rewards unlocking at every block.


To check the progress in which your rewards are being unlocked, as well as to claim the rewards, you can check the 'Vesting' tab.


On the ‘Vesting’ tab, you can claim rewards anytime once they are unlocked.

Some farms will run the rewards program for only a limited period of time. Even after there are no longer rewards, you can still keep your liquidity in the Liquidity Pool to earn fees when users use the pool to swap relevant tokens.

To remove liquidity, first unstake your LP tokens on the ‘Farm’ tab, then go to the ‘My Pools’ tab to view and remove your liquidity position.

KNC rewards received can be staked on KNC pools or KyberDAO for additional KNC rewards or on KrystalGO for Token Sale allocations.

For common questions on our Rainmaker yield farming program, you may refer to Rainmaker FAQs.

Note: Yield farms with other projects are decided through Joint Liquidity Mining proposals, which are posted on Kyber Network’s Governance Forum by other projects who wish to collaborate with us.

Since KIP-8, only large-scale (>$1M in KNC) joint liquidity mining campaigns require an on-chain KyberDAO vote for approval to proceed. Anything less will be decided by the Kyber community after community feedback on the forum has been