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Rainmaker FAQs

For the Rainmaker LM program, you can find answers to most of your questions on the respective blogposts. If you still need clarifications, please head over to our developer chats on Telegram and Discord, will be happy to answer.

Additionally, listed below are few frequently asked questions and possible solutions/answers.

1. How can I participate in Rainmaker LM?#

  • You can participate by adding liquidity to any of the eligible pools (more information here). Adding liquidity to any pool will earn you DMM LP pool tokens from your pool share and you will start earning standard protocol fees for that pool.
  • To earn Rainmaker rewards, you will need to stake your DMM LP tokens. Go to the Yield page, click on the drop down arrow of the corresponding pool and stake your LP tokens.
  • To harvest your rewards, click on the Harvest All button. This will start the vesting period. You can choose to claim your partially unlocked rewards anytime, or wait until the full amount is unlocked.

Provide Liquidity

2. What is vesting?#

Vesting, is basically locking your reward tokens and releasing after certain time period. All the pools will have linear vesting, however the duration depends on reward tokens and KyberDMM team. You can claim a proportion of your rewards anytime. For example, if vesting is for 14 days, you started vesting today and claim after 24 hours, you will get 1/14 of the your rewards.

3. How do I withdraw liquidity from Rainmaker?#

To withdraw liquidity from Rainmaker, you will need to unstake your LP tokens first. Go to the Yield tab and select the drop down arrow from the pool you wish to withdraw from and unstake your LP.

4. How do I remove liquidity from the DMM?#

Visit My Dashboard and if your pool doesn't appear, add it manually with the Import It button. (give it some time to load) Once that's done, use the Remove button to remove your liquidity.

5. Why is the token pair unbalanced?#

For Kyber DMM pools, the pool ratio isn't always 50-50. This ratio of the token pair changes over time depending on the trades happening through the pool. Liquidity must be added in that ratio on the DMM.

6. How can I find the eligible pools? or What are the eligible pools?#

Eligible pools will be reflected under the ‘Yields’ page. For same token pair pools, the eligible one will have a raindrop icon on the top left corner. Eligible Pools

7. Am I free to deposit and withdraw my LP at any time during the program?#

Yes, you can unstake your LP tokens and remove liquidity at any time. However, rewards will be linearly vested and will be fully unlocked only the specified duration.

8. Is there a deadline to claim my rewards?#

No, there isn't any.

9. My LP seems to have lost money/reduced in price, what's happening?#

Your value in USD amount should be the same + fees earned, do not confuse number of tokens to the value of ur LP.